"the beach"

The Sabbagh family remembers the Cyclone Roller Coaster at Revere Beach

The Harvard Experience: Verse, Friends, Rebellion

Cummings was always more ready than Eliot to address a lyric to a lady.

He continued to see Amy, stopping by the see her (too shy to come to tea), taking her for a ride in the family Ford, or taking her dancing at the Copley Plaza, where he introduced her to gin fizzes.  He paid her the honor of taking her to the circus.  He was allowed such liberties as an embrace while they rode the Scenic Railway at Revere Beach.  

Dreams in the Mirror:  A Biography of E.E. Cummings

Revere Beach, Mass. Watching the Bathers
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Revere Beach, Mass. Watching the Bathers


Revere Waterfront | Paul Lukez Architecture

The deaths and tales of fainting riders only made the coasters more popular.
— Harry G. Traver, Design Boom

Wooden Roller Coaster

Once a staple in virtually every amusement park in America, wooden roller coasters began a slow decline in popularity for a number of reasons. Steel roller coasters, while having larger up-front costs, cost much less in ongoing maintenance fees throughout the years of operation. Wooden roller coasters, on the other hand, require large amounts of devoted funds annually to keep the ride in operating condition through regular re-tracking, track lubrication, and support maintenance.


I Am Not Alone

Under this same
leaden sky,
there are millions
like me.
Each caught
in the cyclone
of their own
lonely hour.

Alex Clarke

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